Доброто училище учи децата на практически умения и изгражда ценности. В Millennium Academy предоставяме възможността учениците да комуникират и да търсят взаимна помощ в часовете. Това от своя страна ги учи на екипност и самокритичност, като в същото време развиват и чувство на принадлежност и привързаност. Така учебния процес става по-приятен. Учениците започват да демонстрират не само любов към английския език,а и любов към ученето като процес. 



Дигитална класна стая

Дигитализацията в класните стаи прави големия свят лесно достъпен за учениците. 


Meet The Team


Borislav Tarsanov


Stoil Zhelyazkov


Kaloyan Totev


Hristo Karapeev


Учим английски език заедно.

During the years of experience, we the teachers in Millennium Academy came to realize that there is more to all academic syllabuses, schedules and programs than meets the eye. The education is such an abstract and complex process which combines thousands of procedures and hidden aspects, which combined should contribute to shaping educated, open minded, independent and curious young individuals who will be ready to dive in the real world with the necessary practical and theoretical skills.

That being said, we asked ourselves how to achieve all that taking into consideration the individuality and its development of each and every student. The last thing we wanted was to do was to make students fit into community which only accepts and recognizes the typical norms and non-departure from the widely spread standards. On the contrary, what we wanted to achieve was to take these individuals, nurture them and use their individuality as a weapon, as the driving force that motivates them, gets and keeps them going.

Truly, it sounded wonderful, however, how to implement this practice in the classroom? It became evident that teachers cannot expect students to trust them enough and share who they really are if the process is not reciprocal. It is teachers who must open up first to the students, only then they can gain their trust, friendship and commitment. It was that easy!

Ever since Millennium Academy opened its doors the abovementioned practice has been implemented in the classrooms. It did take some time for the results to become apparent, however, they truly astonished us. The students who enrolled from the very start are now incredible individuals who possess qualities such as compassion, friendliness, openness, helpfulness, kindness, critical thinking, self-criticism, self-awareness, analytical skills, tolerance and many more. They possess the incredible ability to keep their minds open to the world and demonstrate curiosity towards everything around them. They have learned to love the process of learning itself. To us that meant the world, for we have created learners for life. What is more, their mind is set for growth. They are not afraid to make mistakes; they are not scared of them. On the contrary, mistakes inspire and motivate them.